Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Gift Cupboard

A really great idea when you are looking to give cheap Christmas presents is a 'gift cupboard'. This can be a drawer, cupboard or box that you fill with gifts. Throughout the year, you can pick up items on special to fill up your gift cupboard so that you have a supply of gifts ready when Christmas time comes. This is easier than trying to save money throughout the year in my opinion.

So what should you buy? Depending on the age of those that you buy for, it could range from colouring books and pencils to hand creams, shower gels, costume jewellery, novels, chocolate etc. You can buy items that would be good to make into your own gift baskets (I have posted a few ideas for that previously). The best things about this idea is that you always have an excuse to shop! and that if you have forgotten somebody's birthday, you might be able to borrow something from your gift cupboard to make a last minute present as well :-) (not that any of us have ever forgotten a birthday!!)

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